Sneak Peek of the Whitelabel CHAT System

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So I used to have a chat company where each question structure, then the answer goes into a database.

So Joe, would that be good if.

That was the case?

Would that be a good thing?

Do that would be amazing.

Would it really be amazing? Would it be amazing if we could.

Literally do a screen share right now and show you that that's exactly what we've built, and it plugs straight into GHL would be and it shows up in your conversations tab, and you could create, like, entire chat sequences and you could run that chat bot off multiplatform where you could have WhatsApp? Slack Facebook Messenger and all of those ones in it.

Would that really be amazing, joe, would that be great?

If that would absolutely be amazing.

Would that be just like the best thing that you've ever seen? Will guess?

Well, I don't know if the best we've done it.

It's coming. This will give you an entire chat system where let me come across to our automation system where you can build those questions and answers. When they answer yes, they come here. When they answer no, they go here. That integrates directly into GHL, where you can have canned replies, where you can actually have your entire support team on a roster. If Joe is rostered on in the morning and Francine is rostered on in the afternoon, francine likes to answer her messages on WhatsApp and Joe likes to answer his messages on Facebook. That is all built into the programme. A full conversation history of everything that's ever been said. Skype integration as well. So you can have a widget on your website and you can answer on Skype, but if it's midnight and your US team has just taken over, then they can answer on WhatsApp or whatever and the whole automation system is built.

Joe, would that be good?

That will be amazing.

It's on its way, brother.

Can you send over custom fields?


Like with radio buttons and shit? Yes.

So that's coming. That's coming.

That's going to be our next one. Then we've got like a jobs for tradespeople, like booking system that plug straight into GHL again and all that kind of stuff. Yeah, got some cool things for him.

When's social listening coming up.

So social listening will probably be the second last one in our current suite. It is a beast of a programme. And there's a little bit more. 

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