What we do on our 20 free leads sales call

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Excuse me. Coffee. Go and do that. I'll be back in a few minutes. All right, so jumping on my phone.

Let me just jump in here and I'll share screen and show you guys what we mean. So, and again, this is all around the 23 leads thing, right? So how do we set this up? How do we make this work for the client? What do we do on the call?

All that sort of stuff. So let me just grab this. Too many screens open here. Okay, so I'm going to do share screen. Let's see if I can share the right desktop at the right time.

Here we go. Just a light tape. It'd be great. Thank you. All right, so, guys, you can see my screen?

Yeah, everybody good? Can see yes, I see it. Fantastic. Thanks, man. I appreciate it.

Ernie. All right, so this is our demo company. All right, so pretty much, I'm sure we all have a company that we use, like a built out demo that we use for when we're getting on sales calls. We've obviously got our leads system plugged in, so you would have added that to your custom menu link in agency settings. And so now here we go.

It allows me to log in right now, which is cool. And so now we've got the client on the call. We're saying. Hey, Mr. Customer.

Great to see you. Tell us a little bit about your business. We've got their GHL account. As Chris said, that's not actually a necessary step. If all you're going to give them is the 23 leads, you can give them a CSV call at CSV spreadsheet.

What we like about the fact that we've got them as a GHL user already is they've got something pretty amazing that they can click through and see. And as soon as they've signed up, they've got access to that software, which is like leading with reciprocity. Right? So now we've got the client on the call, we're talking to them about what they do. If I'm doing the bit where I'm actually putting the leads in their accounts, I'm going to go to their account.

So just imagine I'm going to their account. I'm grabbing it here. I'm going to Settings, I'm grabbing the API key. So because we've all got that agency ability to go to the multiple accounts, I've got their API key. I come back to my leads programme and say, okay, cool, let's drop some leads into your system for you.

So I just come up to API connections, take the one out that's there and paste theirs in and click on Connect. So now all my campaigns and everything are all set up from previous demos. Everything there is good to go. And now I literally just do the search for them. So I say, okay, great, I've got a campaign here, let's do the demo one.

So what kind of industry we're looking for? Okay, so we're looking for a landscape gardeners. Okay, let's do that landscape garden there. And I'm looking in Washington, DC. Okay, fantastic.

Let's do this for you. So now I'll go and run my search. I'm doing landscape garden gardeners in Washington, DC. And I can see this will pop up. It's just gone from twelve nine nine to 1317.

And I've got landscaping companies on my screen that I can now talk to my client about and say, okay, so are these the kind of clients that we're looking for? I can start to see those results here, and I can start to talk through and say, okay, so now we're going to reach out to them. We're going to be approaching them. Me doing this, like me literally zooming in and showing them the results, scrolling down. This is literally to fill 20 seconds.

I literally do it every single time I do a demo. I'll go, yeah. So now we can zoom in. You can actually get as wide or as narrow search results as you want to get to. You've got all of these results here.

I've got their business name, I've got their address, I've got their reputation rating, I've got their website, I've got their phone number. I say that same thing every single time. Why? Because it takes around 20 to 30 seconds for the results to populate. Because when I come across here, what I want to show them is when I click on that campaign, that the results are there.

Okay, so now I've got townhome landscapes and I've got sales at town home landscapes. And guess what, Mr. Customer over in your contacts list, if I come across here right now, there's Townhome Landscapes. There it is. Those leads are now in your account.

Let's talk about how to use them. And again, I'll do this on the demo with them. I'll say. Okay. Great.

So now what we've got is we've got some automations that are in place for you. We've set this up with your free trial that you can come in here and actually come to the profit system folder here's, the outreach email system that's going to go out if you just want to configure these three emails. Okay, so email one, email two, email three. You can actually now email these people, et cetera, et cetera. So now we've got the free leads, but if you don't want to give them the GHL account, when you've done that search in that campaign, you can literally just export it to a CSV file.

So to do that, I would, as Chris did yesterday on the demo, I'd create a new campaign so that I'm not exporting 1300 random people from the last series of demos. I'm just exporting just that one search that's gone through. So that's how we do the search. We grab the API key, put it straight into their account, then talk them through what they've got with GHL and get them signed up at 297 or 497 or 997 if they go in the big package. But again, that's how we do it.

That's literally the export. If we're giving them the leads at the end of the call, et cetera, what we'll do is, again, we'll share the snapshot. If it helps you guys with the three pages of the funnel and all that kind of stuff, we literally have just found that that 23 leads hook is such an easy way to get started. Cool, guys. Hopefully that's helpful.

Let's get to.

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