How do we use Pabbly to Autocreate accounts

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Definitely. Definitely. All right, so the question from Gabe is, how do we use Pabbly to actually do the automated account set up when we're doing the 20 free lead trials? So, Pabbly, yeah, Pabbly is like Zapier. And Zapier is an integration programme that automates a lot of different integrations. So our Pabbly set up here and let me just pull up the the actual recipe itself. I'm happy to share this with you guys as well. Walks through a whole bunch of different steps. So let's grab free trial account creation. Here we go. Okay, so I'll talk it through really quickly. We can see there that there's five steps and I'll walk through each one. The first thing is Pabbly. One of the things with Pabbly that I both like and don't like is it's always fired by a webhook or an API. So the first step, a webhook gives you a URL. Okay? Now, in our comment system, I'll just grab our actual live comment file here. So you go into Pabbly first thing, create a webhook. Then what we need to do is in Comet or in your GHL accounts. Let me go with our free trial free trial system.

Here we go. Account Creation. So the account creation is step two. Step one is register. So we've just got their name and email. They're going into a follow up sequence. Step two. So we've got that form, that big long form that Chris showed. We don't create the account unless that form is filled out, right? So when the form is submitted, so that's our trigger. When that form is submitted, add a tag. So now we've got them tagged and that puts them in the other sequences, the follow ups and all that kind of stuff, and send that webhook to Pabbly. So that URL, that's our action in GHL. So we've got the form, we tag them and we send directly to that URL. And that's the URL that Pabbly give us over here. So, first step, fire the URL. We wait for a response. And now we can see these are all our custom fields and that kind of stuff as well. But what comes through on the response is their name and details. So this is from my test, where we've got myself, my email, my phone, all of that comes across with the form being filled out.

Right, so that's step one. Next is the post to GHL API. So we've got the API. We're actually getting this API URL from GHL's Docs themselves. And if you just google GHL API doc. Thanks, mate. Chris is back with coffee. So that's going to make life a lot better. You'll find this one here, high level API help this one developers And if we go to documentation at the top here, you're looking for, I use API. Version one API. Version two is all about OAuth and we haven't set that up yet. Apparently it's better but we haven't got that running yet. So here's the API, right? And the API that you need to use to create an account, you need to use your agency API key, not your sub account API key. All right, so your agency API key. And we're coming down to use a snapshot survey workflow. Where are we? Location. That's the one. So locations. This is where we're actually going to create a location. And it's post locations. It's there. This is what's going to do to create a location, which is a sub account, right? So it gives you the URL that you need.

And so we're posting that here. And then we've got the JASON application. This is, again, just set up, no authorization. But in the headers you need authorization, the word bearer. And then your agency API key goes here. So bearer, space, agency API key. And then we've got all of the different things business, name, address, city. Now we're getting that from the form that they've submitted. Okay, and again, the docs here tell you everything that you need to fill out. So address, city, postcode, et cetera. So we're just literally copy and pasting here where it says postal code, make sure it's a capital C. So it is case specific, but you just literally build it out. So business name, address, city, state, and you're bringing that information across from the form. Okay, so that is creating the account. That's step two of this thing. Then I put a delay in there for 1 minute. Just all the work I've done with workflows and APIs in my life. When there's a creation, sometimes you just need to give it a minute before you then tell it to do something else. So that everything's settled in the database.

You're not trying to create multiple things at once. Create a user, create an account, create everything at the same time. So delay for 1 minute, nice and simple. And then the next step is create an admin user. All right, so we know that if we create a GHL account, nobody can log into that until they have a user. So our next step here is create an admin user. And again we use the GHL API. Again, we've gone to the API docs, we've got all there. We fill out the details. And then the last step, and you heard our Slack notifications as Chris was setting this up, our last step of this particular automation is send a message to our Slack channel and let our sales team know that there's a new person who needs their leads activated. Right? So that's our recipe. And guys, if I click here and go share, I will get that recipe link and I'll paste it in our chat group here and hopefully that's helpful for you. All right, 149 lifetime deal. Gabe just posted. We've got the bigger lifetime deal. So that's 497, I think.

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Yeah, that'd be great. Okay, cool. So Gabe, does that help with what we do with our account set up? Like walking that through? Yeah, hopefully for Gabe. Hopefully that helps. Alright, cool. Let me just go.

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