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Page, please do me a favour and I will happily send you a $50 Amazon gift card if this works. Okay? So if this works, you tell me your address and I will send you a $50 Amazon gift card. I can add as many SMTP accounts as I like, but the problem is, as soon as I connect one to an automation and hit send, my mails don't go through. So please test it and tell me. So what we saw, as I said about four weeks ago, was the change. It was so great. It was so great because we used to be able to add their primary email into the system as a Mailgun. Then we used to have SMTP accounts for their prospecting emails and we could literally run different emails for different campaigns. It was so great. We're just going into settings of the workflow, putting in the new email address that it was sending from when that workflow was triggering, it was sending from the email address that we specified. However, what we saw four weeks ago was the change in GHL. And you can still add as many SMTPS as you like. You go into Settings, you add that address, turn that campaign on and go woohoo.

Not every single email was then getting an error. And it was I can't remember the error code, but it was not going through unless it was the default setting. Like the default SMTP always ends. Damn it. So I'm on with GHL support and I'm like, hey guys, what the hell? This has all changed. And they were very, very adamant. No one SMTP. And again, 4 hours back and forth on their support, I did the live zooms, all that kind of stuff, and they basically just said no SMTP. Rules have changed was their thing. Now, Paige, if you can prove me wrong, I'll buy you something nice on Amazon. Please prove me wrong. Please test it. So this is the test, right? Add in primary Mailgun account, primary SMTP, whatever it is, as the default. Add in a second account, authorised name, password, all that kind of stuff. It's added cool. Go into a workflow, go into Settings, add the prospecting one, the new one that you just added, and trigger that workflow to someone. If that email goes through, I'm blowing trumpets and blind stuff for you because that's amazing.


Please test it out. I haven't gone back since my big bashing of heads with GHL, but if you test it and it works, hallelujah.

Okay, so one more follow up on that and I apologise if I'm jumping in. No apologise if you have a client. Let's say the client is Smith Consulting. Smith Consulting now has a primary sub account and a cold outreach prospecting account. Is Bob at Smith Consulting? Is he logging in and out and toggling between his own sub accounts to keep up with the conversations?

Yeah, pretty much. The answer is yes. The only thing that we do is prospecting from that sub account. So when we're talking to Bob, we're saying, okay, Bob, your rules in the morning are real simple toggle to your prospecting account, cheque your conversations, make sure you've got anything happening there, see any opportunities that have popped up or anybody on the sales board toggle back to your main account and get to work. Right? So what we do with the sub account system is we have two setups. Number one, it's slightly technical. We use Pabbly. We used to use Zappier, but now Pabbly, obviously, with their one time cost, makes it yay. So we set up their prospecting account when they click. So we ask the client, when do you want to know about a prospect? When they click. Are they hot enough for you to contact when they click, or do you want them to respond? Or what's your point when you say, that's a real prospect? I want to speak to them. What we teach is if you call the clickers, you've now got a warm lead. So we're actually teaching people to call the people that click, right?

Because a click shows me that I've got an interested prospect. So on our snapshot, you'll see one of our opportunity areas is our clicked from email, and it's in brackets in warm. So it's at that point that we trigger a web hook across to Pabbly , send them across to the primary account as an opportunity, all that kind of stuff. That's one method using Pabbly . The second method is way simpler, and that is, in the primary account, we set up the landing page with a form who's taking action. So we send them from the prospecting account to the landing page in the real account, right? So then I can see the click and I can see if they opt in or I can see if they've booked in my calendar or at the point where they're actually taking action, they're coming into my primary account anyway. So that's like way simpler. The only thing we can't do at that point is call the clicks. Right? But again, we teach a client we can connect your Twilio account to your sub account as well. So you can call the clicks from your sub account and book them into your primary account if you want to.

Does that help?

Page? Same phone number? Yeah, that helps.

Yeah, same phone number.

Wow. Okay. Yeah. Thank you so much for clearing that up.

You're welcome. Great to have you with us. I'm excited to have you as part of the team, guys. It's so great to see everybody here on the call page. I'm going to click stop on the recording on this one and we'll get to our next question.

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