When is the COUNTER reduced in the leads program

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Great. All right, so Frederick's question was, when we're looking for leads and when we're running the leads programme, when is the search actually counted? Like, how do we actually qualify those results and when does my counter go down? So that's a question that we get asked quite a lot. So let's jump across to the lead gen programme.

And in fact, I'm going to run this outside of GHL for this particular a question, just so that we don't have any branding or anything there. So let's have a quick look. I'll do a screen share and we'll log in and answer that question straight up. Great to see so many people jumping in as well. Hey, William, great to have you with us.

And Kalifa's just joined us as well. David's joining us as well. So great to see guys. Awesome to have everybody here with us. All right, let me log in.

And so this particular question is, when is the lead count as a search? So, as of yesterday, and this is something that we looking to get a training video out today, as of yesterday, we went live with a new format here, so there's a slightly different structure than last week. We had an update overnight and I'll tell you a little bit more about that later on. David, great to see you, man. So, to answer Frederick's question, the search counter is when a result is returned with an email address.

So let me give you an example. So I've got a location based demo search over here for industry. So I'm going to choose that as my as my starting point that enables me to then run the search. So I can now say I'm looking for a realtor. And Frederick, where are you based, man?

Let's keep this local for you. I'm in Hawthorne, California. Hawthorne, California. Fantastic. Let's jump in and grab Hawthorne, California.

There we go. So now let's find all the realtors in Hawthorne, California. So now, as this search runs, I see I've got 909 people over here. Now, it's jumped up to 924. So these these results have been instantly added to my to my location campaign here, but that doesn't mean that they've necessarily been reduced from my counter.

So we had 909, it's jumped up to 924. So it's added let me do my math quickly. It's added 15 results. 1234-5678, 910, 1112, 13, 1415. Now, I can keep searching in this area, so just because it's returned 15 results doesn't mean that that's all there is.

All right, so there's a lot more realtors in and around Hawthorne, but it returns small bite sized chunks so that you can make sure you're getting the right data. Okay, so now I can say, okay, I want to load more, I want to load more. And every time we're loading more results, it's adding to our counter. But here's the deal. It only reduces your count when it finds an email address, okay?

So if I started with 909, I've added 15 results. If 15 of these companies have all got email addresses, then my counter will reduce by 15, right? But if only ten of these companies have got email addresses, then my counter will only reduce by ten. So I can see, for example, as I click these results, it takes around 30 to 60 seconds for the results to come through, guys. So I can see, for example, right now that I've got, this one has got email addresses, this one has got email addresses, but this one doesn't.

Miller Realty, we don't have an email address on file, so that particular result will not be reduced from your count. All right, so it's only reducing your counter when it's actually finding results that have email addresses attached. So out of those 15, let me come down to where we were. There we go. Realty, realty, realty.

Still in Hawthorne. Still in Hawthorne. That was my last one. Okay, so we might still have a few results that are being populated. Again, that's that 30 to 60 seconds, but we can see roughly here that out of those 15, we had eight or nine companies that had email addresses from that first search.

That means my counter has reduced by that number by eight or nine. So now let me come back and just do a quick refresh on that search and we'll see we've got more results that have started to populate here, but we've still got a couple words saying no results found. So it's found it looks like, looks like kind of 90%, 80% results with email so far are still doing the search, and that's, again, it's going to only reduce by the number of email addresses attached to those companies. Frederick, does that answer the question for you? Yes, it does.

Okay, fantastic. So again, in summary, the counter is based on the results that have an email address connected to it. Now that is only for the demo, sorry. The industry search and the single search, the people based search is a different counter because the people based search is actually not getting anywhere near as many email addresses. The privacy laws on LinkedIn are massive.

So you're using the people based search to find where people work. You're able to connect with them on LinkedIn, but this counter is based on the amount of results returned. So the people based search, you've got a different counter there, and that's is just almost like a bonus. It's like being able to search LinkedIn and find those people, but those results are based on the amount of results returned because we're not going to have the emails there. So the main ones that we talk about are the industry based in the single search counter reduces when we find email addresses.

Cool. Frederick, thanks, man. That was a great question to kiss off. So now let me click on stop here.

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