How Gabe Came into the Whitelabel suite family

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Hit the record.

Hey, Gabe, I'd love for you to.

Tell us how you came into our world, dude.

Hi, Gabe.

Hey, how goes it? I Facebook with somebody. I was on the so there was a high level thread that was asking about SaaS demos, and so I took a peek at them. You know, 80% of them were like the same, you know, just turn over high level and charge money bullshit. But you guys had your AI pitch and I was like, well, and then I wanted to dive into that a little bit more and be like, okay, what kind of AI are you guys talking about here? And then I look at the demo and everything looked great. Again, it looks like it was definitely a step up. And then they sent somebody, I don't know, probably one of you guys sent me over a link for the webinar. Yeah, I really appreciate first, of course, it's like, oh, man, like 1000 leads for $150. Come on. But then the fact, again, the white labelling of these services is pretty ingenious because it's not like your normal scheme. It's like, actually you'd rather have a lot of people split the money with a lot of people than try to keep it all yourself, I guess, right?

Just like, man, it's great. You guys are great so far.

Thank you so much.

I got the email from you doing and you got the email from us saying, hey, grab a drink and let's sit down and talk.

Yeah, I love that.

That was great. I loved your answers, by the way. You were like, I read up to this point and I decided to answer, and I was like, I want to get to know you and you actually let us know about your business. I was like, yeah, this is so great.

Everyone says that. No, it was a good email because it seemed like it could have been one of those formulaic emails that went on forever, but it didn't. And probably the subject line that caught my attention was probably not the best one.

Grab a drink, let's chat.

But it works. Did you catch the link that I sent you for the drink critique?

I got the link.

I was in bed.

Speaker 3 (02:10)
We've just woken up opposite hours. We have some Australians that will join, or New Zealanders maybe, or people from the South Pacific there. I don't know what the appropriate term is, but it'll be appropriate. So people down there, all your people down there, it'll be funny because they'll be drinking at, like, 09:00 in the morning for the critiques. But in any event so as far as, like, the business stuff, right? So I'm selling mostly to tattooers and tattoo shops. I've got professional services. I'm selling the high level mixed with my business documents. So I've run tattoo shops for, you know, 15 years. I've got all the hiring documents, firing dot, whatever. I got all the documents. Most of I think somebody was asking about needing new leads. Right. Probably 80%, 90% of my clients don't need new leads. I've been working with them for years. They're swamped, they're awesome at what they do. Their friends come back for more. I'm trying to help them with the communications and and getting through the right funnels correctly and not losing track of people. Now, that said, two days ago, one of my consulting clients was a tattooer in Cleveland and he's looking for work.

And I hate spending money on ads. I'm a SEO kind of a guy. I want to do quality content over the long periods of time to generate business. But on the other hand, $300 to blast out 1000 leads to people that might want tattoo, and again, maybe even just people that want sleeves or good tattoos. So I guess just to wrap up, I'm wrapping my head around the B to C and B to B. Right? So, like, I want all the B to be right. I want to sell all the tattoos, all the stuff. Professional development, the software, inspiring tours. We do vacations and events and stuff. So that's all B to oh, sorry, that's all B to B to B. Yeah, that's all business to business. All of my clients sorry, 80% of my clients, all the tattoo shops and all the tattooers want more tattoo clients.

Nice. Yeah.

I do have some tattoo supply companies, you know, and and whatnot that will want to also reach tattoos, the professionals. But most of my clients are going to want to reach tattoo clients. Nice.

So so the service you could give for them is using the lead generation programme in a number of ways and I'm just sorry, I'm taking over there. But my first thought, again, coming back to how can we expand their network? My first thought for a tattooist is going to be the personal trainers in the gyms, right? And doing a deal with personal trainers and gyms. Once you look at good people, go to a PT to maintain their health, to bulk up, to rip up, all that kind of stuff. And people who spend that amount of time and dedication on their health, when they feel like they've hit that goal, you will see so many of them go across to a tattoo parlour. And now I'm getting my sleeves, now I'm ready to rock. Whereas before I was a pudge, now I want to show this board off, right?

Sure. There's probably half a dozen to a dozen real strong partner groups, right? Restaurants and bars. You guys are the drinkers, right? We could send out the link. You want to have your service night at the tattoo shop?

No, that's amazing.

We used to do that. I'll build the floor in a second. But the way that I've been at it is like when the competition was coming into town and they said they were going to bury me, I sent out about $5,000 in gift certificates to all the area restaurants, bartenders, all the coffee shops, all the cool spots to the gyms. I'm not a gym kind of a guy, so for me, the smell of sweat is I'm a geek. Me too. Yeah. The B to B lists for tattoo shops to get clients. There's definitely tremendous opportunities. Can you do narrow by income?

No, not at the moment. Not at the moment. But what I was going to say was, in addition to the partners opportunities that are there yeah, the bars, that's a great one. The drinking spots, even the retail outlets that are matching, that kind of stuff. In addition to that, one of the great things that you can show to a client with GHL is the ability to upload directly to a Facebook custom audience, right? And that's super, super powerful when you show, hey, look, here's the local businesses. Let's start. Let's go with gyms, let's go with accountants, let's go with probably not accountants, but let's go with lots of different places around. And now let's get tattooed. Yeah, absolutely. Bring in 1000 names and email addresses, et cetera, and then show them the automation that is. Hey, look, every single one of those thousand people in this local area, we just added to your Facebook custom audience. Right? And so now that lead generation takes on a whole new spin because it's already built into GHL, which is amazing. Every time I add a new round of local businesses and local companies and local people, my Facebook audience is just popping by a thousand a month all the time.

And now I go to Facebook and go find me more people that match this. And obviously we do our lookalike audiences from there. So in terms of how do we position this programme for B to C? Those things like increase your network, your connections and your partners, and at the same time, everybody that works around this area. Maybe we're not emailing them, but we're putting them straight into a custom audience so that when you see the audiences for your lookalikes, you can build it straight up without having to spend money on ads to do it.

Yeah, that's just great to follow up. Like all those audiences, too. We don't even have to try to sell them tattoos. We could just invite them out to the party.

Exactly. Best way ever.

Oh, wait, we keep getting back to that party thing.

Yeah, I don't know how that happened. Guys, this is a great case study. One of our master classes a couple of weeks ago, we had somebody pop on and they were talking about the dinner with Greg campaign. Right? So Greg, greg was the client. Greg ran a landscaping business, so retaining walls and gardens and water features and all this kind of stuff. But Greg wasn't like, hey, I've got it myself in a van and an apprentice. He was like, high end to get Greg to do your garden. You're talking about your mansion, your apartment block, whatever, and it's a minimum $250,000 spend to work with Greg, right? So Greg did this incredible campaign and it was just simply called Dinner With Greg. And so Greg was a local businessman. Greg was kind of a known person in the space. And what Greg did was he partnered with other high end providers in his neighborhood. So he went to the local Cadillac dealer, right? He spoke to the GM of the Cadillac dealership, like the dealer principal of the Cadillac dealership, and he partnered with him. He went to a local jewelry store, like a high end jewelry store, and partnered with them.

He went to a local florist, partnered with them, went to the best steakhouse in town, partnered with them and had all of these partners. And here was the campaign that he ran. So now he was reaching out to the CEOs, the owners and the directors of companies and people in the local neighborhood with a very, very simple offer. Dinner with Greg. Once per month. We're going to give away the most amazing dinner you've ever had. Pop your name and email address. Here what's in the dinner. And this landing page was insane. We're going to pick you up in the latest Cadillac Evoke, right? We're going to make sure that you've got, like, the best transport ever. We've got a jewelry gift, like a gift from this jeweler. It's going to be on the table for you and for your partner. We're going to have the biggest bunch of flowers you've ever seen. We've got this incredible massage, people that are coming through. This is an event that you get to be a part of if you're in the club, right? And so we sent out the campaign to, like, local businesses and picked up 140 people registered.

They registered for this incredible dinner with Greg. Now, all of the partners were putting in their little piece, not as a sales pitch, but as a connection method to get into this high network group of individuals, right? So the dealer principal, the owner of the Cadillac dealership, picked up the couple for the dinner. Like, the person with the jewelry store presented the jewelry at the table. It was all an incredibly high level owners only event, right? And so he sent out Chris campaign. He had 140 people registered for Dinner with Greg. And we were saying, one a month is going to win with Greg, right? Because it's like 20 grand to put on this dinner. He stuffed something up and sent out the winners notification to all of them. Now, we've got 140 people that we've just said we're going to do this incredible dinner with. The very first dinner with Greg was scheduled for that Friday, right? So dinner with Greg. The person that won this week's Dinner With Greg was a property investor, right? And this property investor owned like multi housing complexes and apartments and whatever, and had just bought this incredible, incredible group of apartments.

There was 150 apartments in there, penthouses, all this kind of stuff, on this big block of land. And Greg didn't pitch this guy. It was dinner. Hey, nice to meet you. Just want to find out about you, what you're doing, all this kind of stuff. At the end of the dinner, at the end of the dinner, the guy said, this incredible experience is exactly the kind of feeling I want my customers to have or my tenants to have in this new apartment building. And he gave Greg a two and a half million dollar contract per year to be the exclusive lands and grounds company for this new incredible apartment complex. First dinner, two and a half million dollar contract per year to Greg's landscaping company. All right? Now, the actual so I said each one of these dinners was a $20,000 cost. Every single one of those suppliers wanted to connect and gave of their services without cost, even the steakhouse. So the actual dinner cost Greg nothing because everybody wanted to be a part of that exclusive group, right? And they connected, they built these networks and these partnerships with the high end network individuals.

First dinner, two and a half million dollar contract. And again, I'm the only reason I'm saying this is because sometimes it's not about the amount of leads that you can generate for the business, all right? Sometimes it's simply about the way that you can create an experience for those people. I just thought that was a really cool master class that we had and just wanted to share that one. So from an ideas perspective, one of our clients, who runs a fitness company in New York, who's given us an incredible testimonial as well, he took that same idea and duplicated it with a friend of his that had a penthouse apartment and he got like some high end clothier and again, jewelry people bought all these people up, CEOs up to his penthouse in New York and he wrote so much business that he's going crazy out there. So, again, just ideas, guys, how you can run campaigns. Gabe, thank you so much, man. I really appreciate the jump in and so great to have you part of the community watching the webinar and seeing what we're doing and getting into it. Awesome, man. Thrilled to have you with us.

Cool. All right, so let me click on stop on that bit.

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