Does every email address reduce from the counter

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Great question. Thanks, David. So David's question was, does every email address count from the counter? So, in other words, if I find a result and that results got 100 people that work at that company, am I being like, charged for 100 results? No, you're being charged for one.

So every company that has at least one email address connected to it will reduce your counter by one. David so the great news is, if you're running a campaign to generate Facebook audiences, which is a great use of the tool, by the way, you can run searches. Each one of those searches might have five staff that work there. Ten staff, 100 staff, whatever it might be. But your counter will only reduce by one for every company that has an email address attached to it.

David, does that answer the question for you? Yes, sir. Thank you. You're welcome, man. Know that you and I are booked in for is it tomorrow?

For a one on one session. Looking forward to that, are we? Yeah, I think so. Unless I've got my Davids mixed up. We've got a few different Davids in the group, but I think I've got fantastic.

Thanks, man. Great to see you guys. So we've got a couple of other questions here. Let me click on my stop button here.

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