Measuring Success On A Cold Email Campaign

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So how do we measure success on a cold email campaign? We honestly measure at open rate. And then the next question from that, how long does it take to go from a lead to a book deployment? I'll cover that one in just a second. So how do we measure success? We measure on an open rate, to be honest. Now, that can vary, and it can vary based on sub jack line. So here's the rule that we give our clients. If I can do 1000 emails out, right, and I can get anything above a 20% open rate, now, that is probably our lowest. Actually, I have seen one at 13%. But our typical open rate is somewhere between 35 and 45% open rate to cold email. So what we're teaching our clients is if we can get 1000 of your ideal prospects and 35% of them are opening that email, that means 350 every single month are seeing the message that you're putting in front of them, okay? That's the bit that we control. Now, guys, Comet Suite is not an agency in terms of content creation, in terms of campaign structure, that kind of stuff.

We have done that with our clients, but we have set ourselves up as a software provider, right? So we're coaching our clients. We are not writing the campaigns for them unless they pay us a stack of money, okay? So we can, like myself, Johann, and Chris, we've all come back from a marketing background. We can write those campaigns, but damn, man, you got to pay for my time. So, like, creating landing pages and email campaigns and webinar structures and all that kind of stuff, follow up systems, we can do it for you, but it's going to cost you ten grand. So if you want to do it yourself, we measure the success at the open rate and we'll coach them on subject lines. We'll help them out if they're not getting great results. But here's why. We don't measure our success on booked appointments or on calls to action. Now, that's a little bit contrary, right? The reason why is because I don't know what you sell. Yeah, I genuinely I don't know, Mr. Customer, Mrs. Customer, I don't know what you sell. I don't know how good you are at it. I'm not charging you for a lead.

I'm charging you for the opportunity to send your message to that lead. Now, again, couldn't you charge more if you're basing it on results? Hell yeah. And if I'm charging my customer, for example, I'm guaranteeing them ten leads in your calendar, then guess what? I'm not charging you 297 a month. I'm charging you 1497 a month. So you can justify, you know, $100 per appointment or something like that. And I'm taking control of every single element. I want to write the copy. I want to control the landing page. I want to control the message. I will call the leads. I will get a VA to do follow up phone calls and text messages and all that kind of stuff. Like, if you want me to get you results and justify success based on results, I'm going to charge you an exponentially larger factor. So in terms of leads, GHL, automated messaging, put in your email addresses and hit send. We are communicating with our clients success based on open rates. And then in terms of how long does it take to go from a prospect to a booked call. We've seen it from the first click, right?

So we've got a great case study. A guy named Craig, who's a business coach, he sent out an incredible campaign. He was working with franchisees and franchisors. He sent out his campaign 45% open rates. He had like a six and a half 7% click rate, and he was booking three, four calls a week within his first campaign that was running. Right? So I've seen it from the first contact. We do this, this is who we are. If this suits booking my calendar, here's my link. Booking. Wow. Fantastic. We've also seen clients that have a much longer sales cycle. Okay? So, for example, one of our mortgage clients, they get peeping it into their funnels. So they're getting people to download the three tips for selling your home at a higher profit, that kind of stuff, and then they're nurturing them through with a couple of weeks worth of content and stuff. And then when it's the right time, when you're selling your home, let us organise the finance for your next one, that kind of stuff. So it depends on the sales cycle of the client and what they're doing. So, again, in terms of measurement of success, taking that forward, you need to be clear with your client what the qualification of that is.

So, again, from Comet suite's point of view, we will provide the infrastructure GHL, we'll provide the calendar booking system, we'll provide the web pages and funnels, we'll provide the infrastructure to send the automated messages, the incredible CRM, the flexibility of the custom fields. We'll even provide the tool that puts the leads into the programme for you. What you do with those leads is up to you. Now, our third business partner, Chris, he always says if they're not getting results, they're going to cancel. And we've had to juggle that. We're kind of like, yeah, that's absolutely true. So we're giving them as many coaching tips, as many marketing tips as we possibly can, but again, concentrating on value return for investment, we're making sure that if we're doing the campaigns forum, it's a ten grand service. Johan, you wanted to jump in at some point?

I'm all good. I was going to show examples of what it looks like if people were interested.

Oh, cool. How do you mean? Like the Board of Gold or the case study?

I was going to walk through the affiliate acquisition campaign.

Oh, sweet. Do you want to say again?

Do you want me to do that now? Are you guys interested?


How we do a campaign? I'm interested, but I don't want to speak for the group. Somebody's got it. It's all good, and I love playing show and tell, so let's go. Give me a moment. All right, here we go. So here's what it looks like when we do a campaign for a client. So basically, the purpose of this guy's campaign is to find good affiliates every month to promote his business, which is by the supreme. It's an amazing supplement company. This is the flow. They invited to apply to see if they qualify to promote. They register to click through. They get on a qualifying call to see if they qualify to actually be a promotion. We send them a sample pack. Promotion dates locked in. We do a cheque in with them, and then we do a review. So the emails look like this. I'll scroll down. The first one is basically a quick little introduction.


And this is going out to Cold affiliates. So we've identified, we've gone in, we found out that these guys have tribes of tribes that would love Vita Supreme products.

Just as a pause, this is an example of a $5,000 package that we do for a client.

Correct. Hey, Greg. Hey, I'm Greg. I'm the owner of Vita Supreme. I'd like to take 30 seconds of your time, et cetera, et cetera. This is where you come in. And basically, the call to action here is to book a time with him to get a sample pack. Now, the second email that goes up if they don't take action on the first one, so we sent out a series of three or four of these. This is what it looks like. Here's a sample pack. This is what makes us different. We pay for the lifetime of the client, not just one self. So this makes him stand up compared to everybody else who's asking them to promote. Book a time. Book a time. Book a time. Then the next email, hey, I'm not a stalker. I'm just very interested in you. Like, this creates it to be funny. And once we have these memes going in there, we're seeing people open them up because they go, I love to see your memes every day. And and that's what happens here. Book a call. And then the last one, this one is actually getting us results for even our own Cold emails, where we go, we had a guy sign up yesterday, and I said, hey, why did you sign up?

He's like, I got your break up email, and I didn't want you to break up with me. And now I'm really interested, and I watched it, and I'm signing up. So Chris little sequence really worked. Hey, name. You must be busy. Last attendant. I quit. Free stuff inside. It's in that headline picture. You get that headline. Hey, you must be busy. Of course I'm busy. I'm very important. My last attempt, oh, no, this guy is going to give up. I quit. Everybody likes to quit. It free stuff inside that creates a focus. They have to open up that email when they see it. They see the little old dude going, I guess I'll quit. And he's like, no, don't quit. And then basically, they jump on as soon as they book. Oh, my God, I'm excited. Here's the agenda. Here's the time of the call, and then we send them the next follow up. You've got questions, I've got answers. The next one, here's the agenda. The agenda is strong with this one, and we tell them exactly what to expect. So this is the sequence that we use for generating affiliates, generating affiliates for our clients.

This is a great segue as well for beta B versus B to C leads. And I just checked Greg's stats, by the way, so 38.9% open rate. All right, so this is a thanks, Johann. That's amazing. So again, guys, that's an example of when we do a five or $10,000 campaign for a client. So we are literally writing the copy. We're building the landing pages, we're doing all that kind of stuff. But that's not what we provide at 297. At 297 or 497 or 997. Now, different package levels. We give them the snapshot, we give them the leads, we're giving the template and the training if they want us to do it for them. Yeah, it's five or ten grand. So, yeah, Greg's getting 38.9% open rate to his cold email, but a great segue from B to B to B to C leads, because the lead generation tool that you guys all now have as a white label opportunity to be able to sell to your clients has been built primarily for B to b. It's business to business. I sell to companies, I sell to businesses. That's where we really sing. That's where we really do super well.

But Greg, as a great example with Vita Supreme, greg is a supplement company. He actually started his company with Tony Robbins, with Vita Greens, I think it was called Yon. So he started a supplement company, and now he's gone off and created a second supplement company after he sold his first one for a nice figure with a B on it. And so now his customers are consumers. So we've known Greg for a little while, and when we were launching the lead generation thing, he was like, guys, can you help us find more people who want the supplements? And we're like, yes, but so with B to C, what we always say is, everybody that's a consumer, if you're selling supplements, you're selling to a consumer. You're selling to somebody who's health conscious or wants to be in the wellness space, you're selling to a consumer. You're not selling to a business. And I always say every consumer also works somewhere, right? That consumer who bought a supplement for weight loss or a supplement for sleep might be a real estate agent or a business coach or an accountant. Okay, so they work somewhere, but.


Guess click through rate, your acceptance rate is low, and that's where you're on, I guess, almost dangerous territory with your cold email marketing, because your cold email is going out to businesses, because that's the information we're getting back. But you're talking to the staff at their business about their own life, and it's kind of verging on unsolicited mail territory, right? So what we do in that environment is we help those business to consumer clients, find partners, and that is massive, massive, massive value and leverage for them. So, for example, with Greg, what that campaign is all about is finding nutrient and supplement wholesalers nutrient and supplement stockists, personal trainers, pts, physios. It's talking to professionals about being a stockist and a JV partner or affiliate for Greg's products. So rather than reaching out to a consumer and making a single sale, we've set up Greg's campaign to actually reach out to stockists and wholesalers and sell a pallet at a time, all right? So instead of running comet to find one sale, two sales, three sales, four sales, we're running that campaign for Greg to find someone who wants to order a case at a time and on sell it and be an affiliate and make commissions and do all that kind of stuff, right?

So Greg's supplement business is running amazingly and beta c, facebook's, amazing. Google's, amazing. YouTube marketing TikTok, those kind of avenues are amazing. But when you turn on B to b to find partners and affiliates and connections and increase their circle of known people, then you can actually leverage those sales really super quickly. It doesn't take many sales of a pallet of supplements to pay for your lead generation service for the whole year, right? We did the same thing with a property manager. So Becky is her name. Becky is a property manager. She's not a realtor. She does property management only. And again, this is B to c. So when I first met Becky, her question to me was, can you help me find people who have got homes to rent or people who want to rent a home? Right? And I said, no, it's not really something I can push a button and say, these 25 people are looking for a home in this particular suburb. So I was thinking about it for a little while, and I said to Becky, where does most of your business come from right now? And she said, most of my business, I get referred from these three real estate agents who have people come through but don't have a rental department, and these accountants who have clients with investment properties, and those investment properties need tenants.

And I said to Becky, when's the last time you did an outreach campaign to find more accountants and more real estate agents, more partners who can be your leverage. She said, I've never done that. Wow. Cool. Let's do it. So we literally set this up to run out. And we're not looking for thousands at that point. We're looking for 1020 30 new real estate agents, new accountants in the location. So we set it up to run and do this outreach campaign to partners. And what we were doing with Becky was we're just literally introducing her service. We were putting her name in front of these real estate agents and accountants and inviting them to be part of her business network community. All right, magic words for local businesses. Business network community. So we taught Becky how to do a monthly newsletter. Okay? So now that she's got these new people making connections with her, she's doing a monthly newsletter. And we teach the same three steps on a monthly newsletter. The three bullet points of a monthly newsletter are successful case study for the month. So, hey, we spoke to John. John had this property hadn't been able to find the great tenant.

We were able to get this tenant in a success story, either from an owner or someone in her circle that had had a successful experience. Point number two, a local business shout out. Now, that's not talking about Becky's business, that's talking about one of her new partners. Hey, guys, this month I'd like to shout out to XYZ accountants. They've been in business for 25 years. They do these kind of taxes. They do that. That great. To have this accountant as part of our community, that's bullet point number two. And bullet point number three is simply a statement of intent. So if anybody knows of properties that Walt a great manager, we've got this great success. Look forward to speaking to you all next month. All right, so one third of that monthly newsletter is a bullet point, which is not even an advertisement, just simply a statement. And she's now nurtured that network to the point where she's quadrupled her business. So she's now got so many real estate agents and accountants who are part of her network that they're referring her clients. She's had to put on multiple new staff members to manage. So, again, what are we talking about?

B to B is where this lead generation system really, really sings. Okay? And if you get A, B to C client, if you can help them expand their network of referral, partners, affiliates, JVs and connections, you are doing them a massive favour. And that's where the system can truly help. Guys, is that some great advice? Is that helpful in terms of client generations and campaigns? And what we're working on there is.

That you're amazing, as always. Hey, I'd like to hey, Gabe, are you on? Can you jump on voice with us if possible? Yeah, I am.

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