How To Setup Reviews For Clients In GHL

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I have. So first of all, I see in your results, I see like review ratings and I think it's a good opportunity to sometimes if you see bad review ratings to basically like call these guys and hey, I see you have bad reviews. What about doing some reputation management? So my question is, is there way to pass the revenue rating? It's just a visual thing, right? Somehow the revenue rating, average rating, and maybe the value of the number of total ratings somehow to go high level. I know it's not, probably not possible right now, but is there an idea to put it, pass it through so that I can go high level?

I'm updating my very, very advanced development tools which look like this pen and paper. And I'm just making a note because we have a new release of leads coming out at the end of January and we'll make sure that we do that.

So review rating?

Yeah, the review rating. And I guess also the number of ratings, because these two can be two different hooks to talk of people. They either have low number of ratings that means they don't do reputation Manager at all, or they have a low rating that means they do need to improve their rating even if they have a lot of ratings. But these are two different ways of approaching them. Okay, cool.

And our friend in White Label Suite, whose training is in the masterclass of All, Steve Rosenbaum, he told me about a $20,000 campaign where he had a client and went back to them with their existing database and with the promise of increasing their reviews by generating an additional 500 reviews. And he said, $20,000, I'll get you 500 reviews. They had like 150,000 customers or something like that, but they just hadn't ever chased reviews. So he just set up a campaign on drip mode, going out to the existing customers, just going, hey, would you like to leave a review? And we love you so much and thanks so much for coming in and whatever, you generated $20,000 by just setting up a drip campaign to get more reviews using GHL. So yeah man, absolutely. But by the way, one of the tools that we have in White Label Suite that we haven't white labelled yet is coming out to you guys is a reputation management tool. One of the things I found and I ran that was my only business for twelve months or more, I found something really, really interesting. People who have bad reviews and people who have no reviews are actually a harder sell than the ones that have got great reviews.

And if you think about it like this, if you think about it like this, if you go to somebody and say, I'll help you make a million dollars, you're going to get people go, yeah, sure mate, get out of my face, I don't believe you. But if you go to somebody who's got a million dollars and say, I'm going to take you a million dollars off you. They will fight you with everything that they've got. They will protect what they have with much more vigour than trying to get what they don't have. So when we were running reputation as a business, we actually found that the people that had great reviews were their best target market because the angle changed just slightly. We were going to them saying, I noticed that you have got 45 five star reviews. I know that you will want to protect that. How about we have a chat? It was actually really a good angle because people who have got good reviews recognise the value of it. People who don't have any reviews couldn't get the crap. I'm wrong sometimes. Like you're going to find people that have struggled or whatever and they've got bad reviews for a reason and you're going to get the guy that oh my God, you saved my life and my business was going down the toilet and you saved me.

Yes, true. But you'll find the ones that have got reviews and most of them are good, will be an easier mark. Again, just personal experience.

Okay, cool. Thanks for showing that. It's very valuable, in fact, because I didn't sort it that way, so it could be way easier to get clients looking at those. All right, so it's not the only question. We are saying that you're getting the leads using AI.


So sometimes I get asked what's the role of AI in it, what is it doing?

I get that a lot and it is a little bit cheeky of us to use that because it's a buzzword. So when we're presenting and we're talking about AI, we are showing the AI very, very much in the automations of GHL, talking about the response review sentiment, like is it a positive or negative? That is AI. But what's really cool and this is again something to hold onto a max. Great question. I'll come to that as well. There are multiple types of AI. One of the types, if I get pinged on that question because people say this is not AI, there's no whatever. One of the types of AI that you can actually pull on is what's called robotic process automation RPA. And that is the very basic form of AI. It's robotic process automation. It's not actually intelligence, it's just doing the same thing repetitively, over and over and over and over and over again. And if somebody's saying, oh, but what AI do you use? I'm saying it's robotic process automation. It's literally doing what a human would do, hours and hours and hours of their time and making it into a click.

Okay, great. But when I'm demoing to a client and I'm talking about the AI, I pop open the automations tab and I click on Customer Reply. And if you saw my training, the email sequence that we put in the snapshot for you guys for the client deployment has an if else reply branch. Now, it doesn't need it because an automation, you can just tick the box that says stop on reply, right? The reason that's there is so that you can pop it open, go across to the action and say intent positive or negative? You say, Look, Mr. Customer, the system can even tell you if the reply is positive or negative. That is AI, right? Sentiment analysis. When I'm demoing and I'm talking about AI, I'm opening up the automations tab. Within GHL, we used to run Eliza a lot when we were doing demos. We used to have an opt in form and get people to have a conversation with the bot. But we ran into trouble when the bot got overloaded or something, and we actually lost a couple of deals where I mean, Eliza is amazing. It's so freaking awesome in a demo, practically speaking.

What? Just send me a call as a link, man. Don't make me have seven conversations with a bot. Wednesday 03:00 P.m.. Yeah, I want Wednesday 03:00 P.m.. I'll just choose you my own space in a demo, it's freaking awesome. But in real life situation, we just stick with calendar links. But anyway, Max asked a great question about reviews. How would you go about getting them reviews? Let me tell you again, real customer story, Max. So one of our clients is a puppy breeder. And Ma'am, we created some amazing stuff for these guys, but the reason they came to us was because their reviews were tanked. And Johan, my third business partner, knew them and basically said, look, let us help you with your reviews. And they came to us basically on the knees, go, please help us, dude, I couldn't believe it. These guys are selling puppies for like $15,000 for a puppy. But the reviews they were getting were not from their customers. The reviews they were getting from were from anti puppy breeding people. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of anti puppy you know, it's wrong that you breed puppy, you know, all that stuff, and they they were getting trashed.

Like, anybody that had been an actual customer is having a great experience. But these guys were so scared of sending a review request because they didn't want all of those bad reviews to be seen. So, Max, to answer your question, the way you do it in GHL is literally set up a trigger. So again, let me do the screen share. Literally set up a trigger that sends out a review request at a specific time of the customer journey of the transaction. So here I am in GHL. In GHL, you've got this area, which is your reputation area, and this you can look at your overview requests, reviews, and your listings, and you can connect directly to your Google location, right? So once you've connected to your Google location and you've got your actual Google reviews set up in there. You can then set up automations that send out review requests. Okay? So the way we do that is we set up an automation, how we do that and we set it at a particular time of the customer journey. So again if I'm the puppy breeder, when is my customer the very happiest customer that they could ever possibly be?

About an hour after they pick up the puppy, I would think. Okay, anything longer after that they're peeing on the carpet, they're chewing on the cables, they're wondering if it really was a great decision. But about an hour after they pick up the puppy, they just got home with it and it's just like the best feeling ever. That's the right time. So let's say that the trigger is the order form being placed. So the order form is placed.

All right, cool.

So that's going to be my trigger and then I'm not going to put that in there just to keep it safe. And then I'm going to wait for an hour.

All right. For an hour. All right, cool.

Wait for an hour and then send a review request. And I'm going to probably send it by SMS would be my best thing. So I'm going to send hi person's first name. I hope puppy's first name is doing well for you. So I'm going to have a custom field puppy name which we actually set up for these guys. But anyway I'll leave that. I hope puppy is great.

Could you please leave us a review? Please leave us a review. All right.

And then a link. Custom values.

And it is where are we? Accounts. One of the ones who can remember it for me.

Custom values.

Yeah. And it's the review link.

Review offer URL review. There we go.

Cool, done. Thanks. Could you please whatever. So now get home after an hour. Puppy's. Lovely SMS. Sure. Good reviews, right? That's how I would do it. Max is literally just set up a trigger that sends the review request at the right time. People often ask can we gate the reviews? If they feeling great about us, can I get them to leave a review? And if they leave a bad review, can I philtre it? No, because that's illegal and Google will actually shut you down. But what you can do is be a little bit smart about it and put an extra step before the review. So again what we did with the Puppy guys was very simple. We sent out an SMS message like that that just had something along the lines of how's everything going? Just wanted to quickly cheque in. I'll make it easy for you. If everything's great, reply with one. If you need a hand or have any questions, reply with two. Now if they reply with one again in my automations if then if else split cheque for reply. If one send next message which is amazing. Thank you so much.

It's so great to have you as a client. We'd love to have a review. Here's the link. If two internal notification to the boss that says, hey, John and Sarah not quite as happy as we'd want them to be, how about you give them a call? So, again, from a customer service point of view, if they're not happy and they needed a hand, somebody got a notification and called them. Right? But the happy ones got a Google link. Now, nothing illegal about that. I haven't gated that review in any way. I've just done a customer survey, and if they're happy, take a next step. All right, so again, just thinking about how that works. Guys, that's our session for 2022. We've got some pretty cool stuff coming for 2023, including a new Snapshot Marketplace and a whole bunch of other stuff coming through, which is going to be pretty fun for us. Is there anything else that.  

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