Selling Qualified Leads

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We have this on one of our master classes somewhere. Not a client, a colleague, somebody that we met in New Zealand, has created their own, kind of their own system. We were trying to see if we could find a way to add it to White label or something. I still think that that's underway, but basically what it does is farms out leads and sells the leads to the end user. And this is a really successful model.


John Logar does the same thing, so he uses the tool to find the people and bring them into his GHL account. Then he's using his team, his staff members, to qualify those people and then he's selling the qualified leads to the end user and the value of those qualified leads is massive. Right. So, John, I don't know if you saw his video from Las Vegas a few days ago, he's selling leads for between 5000 $8,000 per lead. So what he's doing is, he's bringing leads into his system, he's using GHL to warm them up, to communicate.


Are you here? Are you doing that? Ask a few questions, run a survey, get an answer at the point where they become a qualified lead. He's then taking that qualified lead and selling that out. And an example is if I go into a local neighbourhood and if I just print off a list of names and email addresses from that neighbourhood and I give it to a realtor, it's not worth much.


It's like, right, cool, yeah, thanks. Now, I have to do a heck of a lot of work. I'll give you $20 for the list, for a list of 500 names versus going to a realtor and saying, here's somebody who lives in the neighbourhood, who's planning to sell their home in the next two months, who is booking bot, get 1.2 million for their house and who's already bought it the next place and whatever. And here's the specs of their house. Here's the lead.


They are selling their home in the next 60 days. Do you want it? It's going to cost you five grand. That's an easy transaction for a realtor, because it's like, yeah, I'm going to make 20 grand commission. Absolutely.


I'll give you five grand all day for it. So the work behind qualifying the lead increases the value of the lead massively. And yet, Jay, that was one of our Masterclasses, that somebody's actually is the middleman. So they're finding the leads in there, they're qualifying them and they're meeting criteria and then they're selling them out to the end users.

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