Setting up a second or dedicated account for cold email

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Ok - in steps - it's a good idea to mail with cold propsects from a different domain (not just email address - but actually domain!) than your primary account.

this protectes your primary domain against potentially getting marked as spam or blacklisting. 

1. - create a new sub account in GHL ( we call ours mail1, mail2 etc) 

2. - Register a new domain name. We keep our brand present, but add a suffix - example: etc.
So - grab your main domain and then add a word. like... connect, or mail or something that you like.

3. Setup that new domain in your mailgun account as a normal client account

4. assign that new mailgun account to the new GHL sub account

5. Create the email sequenece to go out from the new sub account (or install the 20 free leads snapshot and use the existing sequence)
Make sure to update the links in the sequence to point to the page you want people to go to.
6. add the leads from the lead generation system into that new subaccount -
7. add the leads to the automation in drip mode.

In effect -
You only send mails from this second account.
When the prospect clicks or opts in - they are opting in on your primary account - and into your main client file. 

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