How can I bring leads to my funnels

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You have a lead software. So, funnily enough, you have a lead generation software tool that you can use for exactly that purpose. So that's the whole cycle of how this came together. Right? So you have a lead tool where you can generate 1000 names and email addresses a month and you can put them into your own and funnel and start to drip out those emails for your own business and agency.

So I can do with email, I can do with paid ads, I can do with chat, I can do with whatever I want. Right.

I would recommend multiple distribution methods.


It's something that I always speak about when I'm doing training on lead generation. And you can find a training I did in the Masterclass vault, actually, earlier this year. Distribution is key. I would recommend not ever relying on just one source of traffic. So you can see, like Bridget, for example, she's built up her Facebook audience and reach and she's now able to just make a post and 59 people come into her funnel. And you obviously have paid advertising, obviously. White label suite, the leads, the cold email that we're using, I mean, that's a that's a great way to look at it. But there's still a cost to you guys. I mean, it's it's $150, right, for if you're using it for yourself, you're buying it at that wholesale rate, but you there's still a cost to each lead. So if you get a 5% click through on 1050, you could say that's $3 that you're spending per click, right? So per one lead. Or maybe then there's people who come through your funnel. You might only get ten actually sign up, but you actually paid $15 per appointment, so there's still a cost. You see, if you start looking at it like that, then you start looking at your budget.

All right, well, if I'm paying $15 here, I wonder how much it would cost me on Facebook ads. Or I wonder if I could go to someone else in my area that has my exact customer base, right? And what could I offer them? You might know then for $15 it costs you for a booked appointment. You might realise that you closed one in three of them, for example. So you now know that you have a $45 cost per acquisition. So now you have $45 to spend that you would be willing to give to anyone because you're giving it to white label suite and emails. But you now know that if it's viable for you, you can give $45 to someone on the street for a closed deal, for example.

$40 to a client who can send you booked appointments.

Yeah, exactly.

Exactly. So what I would say is, as soon as you start making some sales and getting that data, that's how you start to project how much it's going to cost you to get people into your funnel, how much you're willing to spend. And this is always an interesting cost.

I'm already doing this. I mean, every decision that I make to drive traffic and convert a customer is based on what is the cost of acquiring this customer in this channel. Right.

And what we talk to clients about is that this lead system gives a low cost of entry point to be able to start to gather that data. So when we're talking to a client and we want to run Facebook ads and Google ads and all this kind of stuff, cool. Awesome. Really? That's an exciting prospect, right? Do you have a funnel that works?

I don't know.

Well, let's start by writing some traffic to it and see what our numbers look like. We know that if if 100 people get to the page, 17 of them opt in. Of those 17, eight of them are going to turn into appointments. Of those appointments, two of them are going to turn into sales. Now, I know my numbers, right? Now I can say to you, cool, if I drop $1,000 on Facebook ads, I know what I'm going to get as a result, let's not just burn money and test it. Let's use an easy, low cost entry model to get this working. We've had a couple of our white label suite guys actually give away the licence at cost. So $150 for the lead system so that they can sell the GHL and pick up the 297 or whatever on the GHL thing, but really so that they can strategize with the client to build the next six months worth of campaigns and go from $150. I'll give you the system. You can still cut the 20% if you're using your affiliate link 297 to add a CRM programme. Cool. But a strategy for the next six months, it's a $10,000 deal and it's $1,000 a month to get the ads.

Like, you can use this as your starting point, but Marco, to answer your question, start by running Cold email. Drop those names and emails into a custom audience in Facebook. So you're starting to build that asset up as well. Lots of different mechanisms for that.

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