How do you protect the domain when doing cold outreach

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So Tommy just asked a great question, and the question is, when we're setting up the cold outreach for a client, what's our best process to make sure that we're protecting their primary domain, that we're not going to get spam complaints, that kind of thing. So there's a couple of answers for that. The first answer is whenever from our history. So go the year that we've just had an amazing bringing on new clients, that kind of thing. We started by trying to set up Mailgun for them, putting a sub domain in place, all that kind of stuff. And our onboarding process actually suffered because we were constantly waiting for them to update their DNS records and all that kind of thing. So what we ended up doing it around December last year. We put in place a process where every single client, we are actually registering a brand new domain for them and keeping their brand. So I'm just going to use whoever got here. I'm just going to use David as an example because I can see his logo on the screen. So if David is our client and the company is, we would register a domain. So we would keep the brand, but we would register a brand new domain. So what does that mean? Does that mean we've got hundreds of domains? Yes. And what it means is we're up for about $9 for the whole year for a domain for the client. But what that allows us to do is take control of the onboarding process. So for every single new client, we're registering a brand new domain. Now, we're setting that up on Mailgun, but what it allows us to do is have, of course, separate from their primary domain. And this is for their protection more than anything else. There's no safety net. There's no safety net on your GHL account in terms of your clients could actually go and and buy a scrape database from Five or something, you know, 100,000 records on a database, upload it to their GHL account, and push sent. Right? There's no safety net that will stop them doing that other than common sense. But we know that that's not really a safety net. So the trouble is that if we leave their primary domain in a dangerous position, in other words, we've connected their main brand to Mailgun, and they could blow it up by just hitting sand.

Even with the lead gen tool, they could add a thousand push send in a day. It's not going to look great. I mean, it's going to cause it's going to cause some issues. So we do it for protection. We register a brand new domain for every single client, and then we go through the cloudflare and the Mailgun and the DNS set up to make sure that it's done. We connect it up to the system. So that means that every single prospecting database that we set up for a client is on a different email address and email domain than their main brand. And again, that's for protection, but we keep it there so that we set it up. Again, one extra step for us in our onboarding process is we set up a redirect so we add that domain to the GHL programme. We set up a redirect so if anybody gets that email and types it in, it redirects to, so we redirect it to their primary. So we make sure we're keeping their brand in place. Again, protection, making sure we've got the control over that domain. It also gives us almost it's a terrible word, but it also gives us a disposable email address, if that makes sense, if they follow our steps correctly, if people are warming up their email address and doing this as a business process, not a spam tool, we haven't had any problems.

I've literally personally sent more than 4 million cold emails in my life. I've never had any problems. But we still want to make sure that it's it's a potential if that domain gets blocked, we can just register another one. It's $9. What does that lead on to then? As well as a follow up question from that, Tommy, is that what if we have the client set up their main account, they import their existing customers, they're setting up their GHL as their primary business, not just for prospecting, but to run their entire company. That's what we want, right? We actually have an Upsell as part of our agency, where the upsell is an additional $97 a month for an additional sub account, which we obviously then set up on their primary domain. And what we do is prospect, prospect, prospect, prospect, prospect. But if anybody's taking action from that prospect and they're going into the primary account, so then opted in, only verified customers are getting sent from their primary domain. Two weeks ago. No, maybe more than that. Four weeks ago? Four weeks ago. Four weeks ago, GHL changed the structure of the SMTP settings within GHL.

Now, I haven't gone back and double checked since. I had a four hour session with the GHL support on this. So if anybody can correct me, I'd love to hear it, but as of four weeks ago, they changed the way the SMTP system was set up. What we used to be able to do is run multiple SMTP accounts from one GHL. So that was amazing. I could have my prospecting account connected to my prospecting automation, no issues, and I could set another domain, another SMTP connection to do my opt in mails and my customer mails and that kind of stuff. What we saw about four weeks ago was that changed. And again, I've battled with GHL on this, but they've literally come back and said, one account, one domain, you can only send from one verified domain. And we're like, Hang on a second. Actually, the GHL support person asked me this if I added to my GHL account, should I be allowed to send from that? And I said, yes, if you can verify the ownership in the same way that Mailgun does or any SMTP does with the username and password, if you're verified to send on that email account, what's the issue?

But they've gone. No can do. So what we used to be able to do was add multiple SMTP accounts to the one GHL instance and send different workflows, different campaigns from different emails. We can no longer do that. And again, if I'm wrong, please tell me, because that rocked our processes. That means we had to do that whole multiple account thing. So if you've now found a way to get around that, please tell me. We'd love to hear about it. But from that conversation with GHL, they've literally said one domain per account. Okay, cool. That means we just need to register another account, set it all up. So, short answer, Tommy. We set up a single domain per new client that gives us the safety and the control and protects their brand. If we want to make sure that they also have a primary account as well, depending on who the client is, if they're a VIP, if they're paying us enough money, all that kind of stuff. We can set up at a separate one that is their primary domain and have the two systems put together by Pabli or Zapier or just simply sending to a page on the primary domain with a form rather than the prospecting domain.

Tommy, does that help answer the question? And again, that's purely our process. Every customer new domain, you set up new Mailgun.

Yes, that definitely makes sense. But are there any advantage of using setting up the domain with the Mailgun over, like SMTP with one email account, with an email purely for cold outreach?

Yeah. So again, great question. Sorry, let me qualify. Are you talking about again, I'm going to use David here because I can see his logo on the screen. If we own the domain vasco Media or Comets suite or whatever the domain is, are you talking about creating a separate email address? Like as in prospecting at primary versus Walt at primary domain? Are you talking about separate email address.

Or are you talking about separate domain, separate email address?

Yeah, so great. Glad I qualified that. In terms of spam and domain reputation, the domain reputation from an email sending perspective is based on the domain, not the email address. So setting up just an address to send your prospecting emails is not enough. If that email address prospecting at, nobody's going to have an email address prospecting at. But let's say new or special offers at primary, if you set up just an email address and spam the crap out of it and that domain gets blacklisted, it's the domain, not the email address. So it's not worth it. It's not worth it to risk the reputation of your client. So, again, for the fact that we're charging 297 for our base level per month, even if it's 97 per month, gives us plenty of room to spend $10 and get a new domain. And when we tell our clients why we do that for their protection and making sure that it remains safe, they're happy about that. So, again, a new email address specifically for prospecting is not enough. It needs to be a new domain. Not even a new sub domain will do it better to have a new domain.

And again, just simply from a protection point of view.

Got it. Thank you.

Hey, man. Great question. Thank you so much for firing it away. Had a couple of new people jump in the call page. Great to see you. Great to see you. Yamili. And I have been customers and clients and contacts and friends for a long time. So amazing to see you here with White Label suite as well. Amelia, amazing to have you with us. All right, guys, we've got hey, Walt. Hey. Thanks so much for jumping in.

Absolutely. Sorry. I was driving.

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